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5 ways to live in sync with nature

Nature is one of our greatest teachers. If we learn to follow the rhythm of nature, we can become more connected with all there is and be in sync with the natural flow of life. As the great Lao Tzu once wrote “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”. We too can adapt to this concept and learn to be more aware of when and how we do everything.

When it comes to our daily habits, here are 5 ways we can learn to live in sync with nature:

Wake up early

Nature already teaches us the natural cycles of every day. When the sun rises this is also the time when we rise/wake up. This way we can be in sync with nature’s pace and open our eyes to the natural light as it shines upon the day. Learn here about the best time to wake up according to Ayurveda. 

Have lunch as the bigger meal of the day

Ways to live in sync with nature - nourishing food

According to Ayurveda, lunch should be our bigger meal of the day. This is because the agni (digestive fire) is said to be the strongest at lunch time (12pm-2pm) and also the body has more time throughout the day to digest. Have a variety of wholesome foods that include all the nutrients necessary for your body to have enough fuel and energy for the day. In Ayurveda it is advised that dinner should be takes in the early evening part, between 6pm-7pm and generally to be more light, warm and easier to digest foods.

Rest on full moon days

Connecting with the moon cycles is very powerful. The moon is said to have an impact on our mind & emotions. In some yoga traditions, it is indicated to take rest from asana practice and instead focus on more on cooling pranayama and meditation techniques. During full moon days, the atmosphere tends to be a little bit more heavier and tense than usual, so everything may feel more heavy and slow. So it’s a good time to be doing some cleaning, decluttering, self-care practices like having a warm bath, massage and journaling with a warm cup of tea can bring some harmony and comfort to this time. We can still get on our mat but with a gentle and more restorative approach. See here a beautiful practice to let go of stress and mental tension.

Ways to be in sync with nature - rest on full moon days

Sleep early

Sleep is very important for our overall well-being. In Ayurveda, it is indicated to sleep by 10pm-10.30pm to be in harmony with balancing our doshas. This first phase of the night is the Pita time when all internal transformation happens (cell rejuvenation, digestion, mind/body restoration etc). So if we are awake during this time, we use up the body’s energy which should be directed internally. 

Meditate in the early hours of the morning

The best time for meditation according to yoga and Ayurveda is usually very early in the morning, before the sunrise. This is because the atmosphere at this time is more silent and calm, supporting the meditation practice by deep introspection and minimal distraction. Early mornings have a cooling effect which means the mind is less active during this time.